During August we shut down for our holidays. The next meeting will be on 7th September 2017 (a welcome back and a review of images from the summer programme and summer holidays). See you all then!

Thursday 27th July - Network Rail modelshoot

This week at club we're meeting up at the Network Rail building in Milton Keynes (near the Milton Keynes railway station).

We're arranging for two models to visit us at the location and are hoping to have them dress in an "elegant" style. Above are some images I took at a recent workshop here. All without flash, just using street and building lights. Bring the fastest lenses you have (f/2.8 or less is ideal). Bring a flash if you have one too.

There should be plenty of parking at the Network Rail HQ, all should be free after 6pm I think. Meet up at 7pm.

Please note that non-members will be required to pay a £10 fee which will be refunded if they choose to join the club.

The google maps link here shows the entrance to the carpark. On entering the carpark please turn right and park away from the front of the building (so we don't get too many cars in the background of our shots)

Thursday 20th July - Wolverton Viaduct

This week we're all meeting up at Wolverton Viaduct to explore the area at about 7pm. Minimal walking is required, unless you fancy a nice walk west along the river.

Click here for directions to the parking spot

There's plenty of opportunities for landscape images here with the imposing structure of the viaduct and the river Great Ouse. Below is a map of the area with areas of interest marked out

1 - Please park here. Parking is free
2 - A large wooden curving ramp that takes you up to the road. Might be interesting!
3 - A tunnel under the road. Perhaps convince someone to stand at the end of it for interest?
4 - Quite a nice view of the river with reeds and trees
5 - A nice view of the Ouse with the viaduct in the background. Try and catch a train going by
6 - Under the viaduct. There's some graffiti here, not great, but you might be able to do something creative here.
7 - A nice little wooden bridge spans the Ouse here as the path heads north west. A nice place to take another image of the viaduct
8 - A working quarry features large mounds of small stones. Could be made into a peculiar landscape image? 

The sun sets in a north westerly direction at 21:10. If the skies are clear (looks like they might be!) we should be getting some excellent light from about 20:40)

Hope to see you all there!