This week at club : Critique & Mobile phone shooting

This week at club is a members evening. 

In the first half you will be able to get feedback on your images from our resident competition judge, Colin Mill. This will help you know what a judge thinks of your images and how to improve them by further processing. Please send up to 2 images that you would like feedback on in advance to this email address. Images must be in 1400x1050 pixel format.

In the second half we will break up into small groups led by members of the committee and discuss the challenges and successes of using mobile phones for image making, please bring examples of your more interesting mobile phone images to share on tablets or laptops (or even phones!) together with apps you use for processing and other equipment like lenses, tripods and selfie sticks!

Round 4 Competition Results

Peter Prosser did a great job judging our images once again, thanks to all who came along. Congratulations to Neil Schofield with his winning print entitled "Catch of the Day" and to Jonathan Vaines for his winning projection "Feast fit for a Fly".

Head on over to the competition page to see some of the images entered

Leaderboard Update!

See the updated leaderboard!

Monochrome competition

Tanya has put her foot to the floor, pulling away from Jamie and Simon with 75 points!

Colour Competition

Neil has pushed ahead of the pile with 77 points, closely followed by Jamie and Simon

Projections - Set

This seems to be a family affair, with Sue and Jonathan Vaines heading up the leaderboard with Tanya and Stephen not far behind.

Prints - Set

Neil's still at the top of the leaderboard for the prints set round. Can no-one challenge his avian prowess? 

Breaking news!

After a discussion at the last club committee meeting, Stephen has managed to secure a pretty special booking for our upcoming programme! The "Meerkat and Reptile experience" ( will be visiting us on 26th March for our practical session!

The will be bringing along an Asian water dragon, a jungle nymph, a tarantula, milk-snake, python, a tree frog and a boa constrictor! 

All animals can be placed on a surface to be photographed. Animals are used to flash photography as well apparently, so that won't be a problem. 

A handler will also be coming along to help out