Thursday 29th Nov - Studio Lighting practical

This Thursday we’ll be dusting off our studio lights to take some pictures of people! We’ve got a number of male and female models coming along (who are all novices). They will be modelling for us based on payment in images, so please be aware i’ll be keeping track of those taking images and chasing you up for images! :)

Please bring along the following if you want to shoot

  • Camera

  • Ideas for poses

  • Speedlight/Flashgun (if you have one, but don’t worry if not)

  • any props which may make for an interesting photograph (e.g. a lantern, a nice umbrella, a fan, hat)

The reason I mention a flashgun is that we have enough studio lighting for two setups, but may have has many as 5 models!

This week at club - Food photography practical

Hi everyone. This week at club is a practical evening. We'll be looking at taking some photographs of food. 

I'll be bringing some props along (plates, cutlery, boards etc) and some food as well. 

If you have anything you could bring along, that would be great, perhaps you'd like to bake a tasty looking cake, or a pasta dish in a nice bowl? 

There are thousands of ideas for food photography on Pinterest. I've created this board with some ideas that people are contributing to at the moment

Equipment wise, you would be best bringing a lens that is relatively fast (2.8 or faster ideally) to get a nice blurred background

If you have off camera flash, you might find it useful, together with a softbox for nice soft light.


See you all on Thursday!

This week at club

This week at club - Studio and Speed Lights

We'll be running two sessions this week at the same time. One session on the new studio equipment the club recently purchased. The other session will take us through the use of speedlights and modifiers. If you attend one session in the first half of the meeting, you can try the other in the second half.

Look forward to seeing you all there