Thursday 13th July - Howe Park Wood

This Thursday, we'll be meeting up at Howe Park Wood for a wander through the woodland paths. Hopefully we'll have some lovely light streaming through the trees. There are various woodcarvings and sculptures to be found too. We can meet in the carpark near the visitor centre. Click here for directions.

Meet up at 7pm

There's a pub just over the road for those who need some liquid refreshment afterwards (The Nut and Squirrel)

Hope to see you there.


Thursday 6th July - Campbell Park & Willen Lake

This coming Thursday, we'll be meeting up at Campbell Park (click here for directions to the carpark) at 7pm.

We'll explore a little around Campbell Park, the Grand Union Canal, then onto Willen Lake, finally looping back round to Campbell park via a short walk along the Grand Union Canal again. The total walk is approx 2.4 miles.

ALL are welcome, members and non-members alike. Bring a friend and come along and meet us :)

Below is an itemised map of interesting locations on the walk

  • 1 - Park here
  • 2 - Nice views across the pond with reeds in foreground and trees in background
  • 3 - Sculpture, "Head' by Alan Jones - Can you capture the sun in its eyes? 
  • 4 - Bridge over the canal - nice views of barges from a higher angle
  • 5 - Wakeboarding. If it's not going on, it's worth a return visit to this spot to capture some action!
  • 6 - A great spot to stop and feed the ducks
  • 7 - Birdhide. If you're so inclined, it's worth a visit
  • 8 - Medicine Wheel - A small standing stones arrangement
  • 9 - Posts in the water that often attract birds who need a perch. Can make an interesting shot.
  • 10 - The Peace Pagoda. Can be a wonderful location at sunset
  • 11 - The Prayer Tree - Lots of prayers tied to the tree can make for interesting detail shots.
  • 12 - Nipponzan Myohoji - The home of the monks. An oriental style building. Please respect their privacy though, telephoto shots only
  • 13 - Rejoin the Grand Union canal. Should be some nice images and light by this time
  • 14 - Some lovely trees on the side of the canal. They make a nice repeating pattern

From here, it's just a short walk back over the bridge and back to the cars.

Summer picnic and awards evening

Thursday 29th June 

This week's club meet is the annual awards evening. This year we thought we would have a picnic! The event will take place from 7:30pm at our normal venue, Christ Church at Stantonbury campus.

We'll be awarding trophies to the winners of the NCPS internal league (and other competitions).

Everyone's welcome! Family, friends, neighbours, whoever. The more the merrier frankly

Bring some lovely food/drink for yourself, be it a Tesco sausage roll, or a haute cuisine dish of your own making! 
Note, like other events, this is not a "bring and share" event (too much wasted food!). However, feel free to do what you like in your own sub group/clique!