New City PS member Dave Phillips has created, for the Open University, a playlist of 19 videos on the basics of Adobe Lightroom 4. These videos were originally created for Module T189 Digital Photography at the OU and we've been given permission to link to them here. 

Although for an older version of Lightroom, the interface, tools, techniques and principles are all the same for new versions. 

This is a great resource to bookmark and visit again and again. Get to the full 19 video playlist here.

Runtime : 2h 00m 54s
Software used : Lightroom 4

Photographic Techniques

9 great tips for photographic composition

A three minute blast of 9 photo composition tips with the help of Steve McCurry's images showing how effective each of them can be. 

Runtime : 3m 9s

Long Exposure photography using Lee's Big and Little stopper filters

Professional photographer Jonathan Chritchley demonstrates how to get the most from LEE Filters' Big Stopper and Little Stopper filters. Practical tips and creative inspiration for anyone exploring long exposure photography.

Runtime : 12m 19s
Gear used : Lee foundation kit, Big Stopper, Little Stopper, Grad Filter, Tripod, Cable Release

Digital Darkroom Techniques

Photoshop : The Orton Effect

Make use of a sharpened image and a blurred image layered on top of each other to produce a dreamy sliky quality, first devised in film photography

Runtime : 1m 32s
Software used : Photoshop

Lightroom : 10 things every beginner needs to know

Terry White goes over the basics of Lightroom catalogs, importing images from your camera, reviewing images and rejecting those you don't want. He then shows how to create a collection, how to adjust multiple images at the same time. He talks briefly about editing techniques, cropping, exposure adjustments and moving between Lightroom and Photoshop

He then looks at the other end of your workflow, watermarking, exporting, printing and backing up your images to an external hard drive.

Runtime : 47m 21s
Software used : Lightroom 5, Photoshop, Apple Mac

Photoshop : Frequency Seperation

Glyn Dewis explains about how FS works. Splitting the detail of an image from its colour/shade so more effective cloning can be achieved. In the video, he demonstrates how to clone away a shadow from a detailed area of an image. He removes just the shadow leaving the detail behind. This is quite useful for skin retouching too.

Runtime : 11m 48s
Software used : Photoshop