Experimental New Feature. Buy & Sell Forum.

One of the reasons for moving to this platform for our website was to make it easier to take what YOU want and turn it into new features quickly. 

Something that has been asked for (and to be frank, not hard to create) is a place where you can let everybody know about items you have for sale. I think it could work the other way too - somewhere you can say "Hey, I'm looking for a Nikon fit doogle-hopper. Anyone got one I can buy?"

With that in mind, I've embedded a completely free, if not slightly limited, forum into a page and called it: Buy & Sell Forum. It's easy to sign-up and you can use either Facebook, Google or email. It's a Muut Forum and they don't post to social networks without you knowing.

I encourage you sign-up and start posting. You may get a bargain or you may make a few quid. 

Be aware - I'm calling this Experimental for two reasons:

  1. I'm not 100% sure how it will react to the website when it starts to be used. If it's a pain or doesn't do what it's expected to do, I may just delete it. 
  2. Although a requested feature, I don't know what the demand is. If it isn't used and is left to cyber-decay, I may just delete it. 

The Buy & Sell Forum won't be linked to from the main navigation until it's no longer 'experimental'. Therefore I suggest you either bookmark or seek out this blog post when you get the need to buy or sell.