New Logo for New City.

As I mentioned at the 2013/2014 AGM, we're looking to update ourselves and it's doesn't end with an updated website. 

I want to refresh our club logo, to take advantage of current design trends and to add impact to our print and web presence. 

I can hear you saying "...but Iain, with this fancy new inter-web-site there is a fancy new logo at the top..." and you'd be half-right. I knocked that one together quickly to give us something high-res enough for the updated site. It's a mere placeholder for what I'm sure is going to be an excellent new logo. 

Taking a cue from Colin's suggestion, I want to invite you all to submit ideas for a new logo. Anything from words to doodles. Back of a napkin to full SVG Illustrator file. We want to see them all. 

From there you, the membership, will decide which idea is so dazzlingly-awesome enough to send to a graphic designer to be made a reality. We will then use the new logo on our website, our Facebook group, at our exhibition and anywhere else we want to bring attention to the best New City PS has to offer. 

Send your ideas to me or bring them to the next meeting.