As you'll know by now, the Summer Programme is upon us. 

The Google Calendar has been updated and the first (and pretty final) PDF version of the Summer Programme is now available to download.

There is one spot (23rd July) that is still TBC, but I'm looking forward to getting out in the sunshine and enjoying the evening. 

Remember, we will start to meet at 19:00 to take advantage of the evening light. 

This week we'll take it nice and gentle... we're going on a Pub-to-Pub canal walk.

Meet the Black Horse pub, Wolverton Road. We'll have a drink (or two. or three?), maybe outside if the weather is nice. Then we can take a short walk to the Nags Head in Great Linford. 

If it's raining too hard for the fair weather walkers, meet up with us at either The Black Horse or Nags Head.