Phil Atkinson Trophy Competition 2017

Advance notice so you can get shooting!

images for Phil Atkinson smartphone competition.

1. An image where the subject is food and/ or drink.

2. A portrait of a person

3. An image where the subject is the natural world, animal, insect or plant.

4. A land, sea or city scape.

5. An image that captures more than one person at an event or special occasion.

The original image must have been be shot by you on a smartphone device.

The EXIF file may be examined!

You can use either new images or images from your picture library. 

Images may be processed on a mobile device or a computer.

Separate shots should not be combined except at the image capture on the smartphone device e.g.  on an HDR setting or similar. 

The competition will be judged by the last winner of the trophy.

Competition entry closing date and competition date will be notified by our Competitions secretary in the new year.