Long Exposure!

Astronomical Photography 11/02/16

This Thursday 11th February we will be treated to a special lecture from our members Dave and Zoe about how they combine their passions for Photography and Astronomy. Dave and Zoe made a short presentation at one of our members evenings last season and many of our members were so fascinated by their stellar images that I have asked them to make a whole evening presentation. So if you want to know how, where and when to shoot the stars and celestial bodies come along and find out this Thursday! 

"From the Naked Bike Ride to Tough guys" a lecture by Alan Colegrave 18/02/16

Next Thursday 18th February we will be welcoming Alan who is a Photographer and Professional TV film maker, as well as a popular speaker on the camera club circuit. He will be presenting "From the Naked Bike Ride to Tough guys" which is a series of AVs illustrating some of the country's wackier events. So maybe there will be more stars and celestial bodies? If you want a preview have a look on Alan's website http://www.ac-productions.co.uk/talks.html