Thursday 21st April "Life in the Wild" with Tom Mason

We have a lecture this week by Tom Mason who is a professional Wildlife Photographer and Photo journalist.

Tom writes for Wex Photographic, Wild Planet Photo magazine and the RSPB Natures home magazine!

Tom says; Throughout my life I have always been a little different. Growing up, games consoles were never much interest to me and I don’t claim to know a lot about football… Instead, I have a huge passion for exploration, the world and the wild. Capturing photographs and telling stories. I love spending time with nature and am a huge believer in conservation for a sustainable future. I have had the pleasure to work in some awesome locations and with some incredible people. Not a day goes past when I am not thankful for what I do. I have made a shedload of images yet I’m constantly learning new things. Life’s all about the journey, meeting people and sharing what we love. So lets travel, explore or better still…we could always shoot some pictures?