This week at club

Thursday 2nd November - Macro Practical

We were due to have a competition this Thursday (Jubilee Trophy Audio Visual), but we’ve had so few entries as to make it unviable. So, we’ll be changing the programme to a practical evening.

We’ll be focussing on the world of the very small. To take pictures of small things, we’ll need one of 4 things, a close-up filter, a macro extension tube, a lens reversal ring or a macro lens.
If you do not have one of the above, please consider purchasing one before Thursday (Amazon Prime would be perfect if you have an account as they deliver next day!). More information on these items can be found in this handy PDF guide
If you’re not able to source one by Thursday, there will be a limited selection of Canon gear available to borrow. If you have any of the items listed that you’re prepared to share, I’m sure people would be grateful to you. If you absolutely can't get hold of anything, there'll still be options for you, so bring your camera anyway!

I Look forward to seeing you all at club this week. We should all come away with some useful images and insight into the world of the very small! :)

Finally, one last thing. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR CAMERA! :)