Thursday 12th October - A talk on BPE - British Photographic Exhibitions

The BPE was formed in the late 80's to encourage photography there are currently 19 exhibitions around the country. Several of our members have already joined the circuit and have enjoyed successes.

Colin Mill will be telling us about the BPE circuit and be showing us a few of his successful images that have got him to BPE2 and we'll also be viewing a few of the sections from one of the local exhibitions, the Rushden Open.

Anyone can enter - you just need to carefully read the rules, pay the appropriate fees and send your images. 

The images are then assessed by a panel of 3 selectors with each selector awarding each image a mark from 1 to 5. Each exhibition sets its acceptance mark in each of the sections and if your image was awarded enough marks it is accepted and appears in that exhibition - there are usually catalogues and CDs available for a small fee and of course you can always visit the exhibition itself. Each acceptance is worth 1 point in the BPE Crown Awards scheme. 

BPE1 Crown Award = 25 points
BPE2 Crown Award = 50 points
BPE3 Crown Award = 100 points
BPE4 Crown Award = 200 points
BPE5 Crown Award = 300 points