Exhibition print competition

The public visited our polling station on Friday and Saturday and weighed the pros and cons of each "candidate" carefully. After making their selection, they folded their voting slips with reverence and placed them into the polling box. The votes have been counted and have not been independently adjudicated and the winner has been announced!

Hearty congratulations to Linda Sutton for securing a strong and stable majority of the public vote! Well done! "Nose Dive" is an excellent image admired in the club and outside too! Linda scored a total of 107 points for this image, 20 points clear of second place!

Nose Dive

By Linda Sutton

In a rather Corbynesque style, the voter thought Jamie White's Labour of love "Sudoko" had merit too with 87 points

SUDOKU by Jamie White.jpg


By Jamie White

Dave Cromack received a Liberal number of votes for his excellent image "Guiding Lights", with 71 points.

GUIDING LIGHTS by Dave Cromack.jpg

Guiding Lights

By Dave Cromack

In fourth place, securing 70 points, was Neil Schofield's "Fox in Flight". A sublime image of the fox diving into Green grass

FOX IN FLIGHT by Neil  Schofield.jpg

Fox in Flight

By Neil Schofield

In fifth place was Colin Mill's "Rasta Horse". There was a lot of talk about this image. People were really taken with it. To be honest, you'd have to be a Monster Raving Looney not too though

Rasta Horse

By Colin Mill

Thank you to all club members for their entries, as well as all of the dedicated folk who put the exhibition together, manned the desk, guided the public, worked in the photo studio and helped take it all down again. All total heroes. Special thanks to Dave Cromack for organising it, Ian Mellor, JP Srivalsan and Tanya for the photo studio, Stuart Peaker for equipment guidance and the people on the door, Dave Phillips, Angela McClean, Annie Mellor (and the lovely people who worked on Friday too!)