A new year, a new committee!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Annual AGM on 11th May. We have successfully elected a new committee. Please see details of posts and new committee members below :-

Committee positions
Chairman - David Phillips
Secretary - Iain Morrison
Treasurer - Anthony McManus
Programme Secretary - Stephen Miller
Internal Competition Secretary - Mark Jones
External Competitions and Print Secretary - Dave Cromack
Practical Sessions Coordinator - Jamie White

Non-Committee positions:
Assistant to Programme Secretary - Andrew Jolly
Assistants to Internal Competition Secretary - Jamie White
Assistant to External Comp. Secretary (PDI & AV) - Ian Mellor
Assistants to External Comp Secretary. (Prints) - Simon Raynor
Assistants to Practical Sessions Organiser - Peter Westacott
Equipment Controller - Stuart Peaker
Tea Club Organisers - Tanya Hames and Stuart Peaker
Webmaster - Jamie White