This week at club - Food photography practical

Hi everyone. This week at club is a practical evening. We'll be looking at taking some photographs of food. 

I'll be bringing some props along (plates, cutlery, boards etc) and some food as well. 

If you have anything you could bring along, that would be great, perhaps you'd like to bake a tasty looking cake, or a pasta dish in a nice bowl? 

There are thousands of ideas for food photography on Pinterest. I've created this board with some ideas that people are contributing to at the moment

Equipment wise, you would be best bringing a lens that is relatively fast (2.8 or faster ideally) to get a nice blurred background

If you have off camera flash, you might find it useful, together with a softbox for nice soft light.


See you all on Thursday!

Round 4 Competition Results

Peter Prosser did a great job judging our images once again, thanks to all who came along. Congratulations to Neil Schofield with his winning print entitled "Catch of the Day" and to Jonathan Vaines for his winning projection "Feast fit for a Fly".

Head on over to the competition page to see some of the images entered

Leaderboard Update!

See the updated leaderboard!

Monochrome competition

Tanya has put her foot to the floor, pulling away from Jamie and Simon with 75 points!

Colour Competition

Neil has pushed ahead of the pile with 77 points, closely followed by Jamie and Simon

Projections - Set

This seems to be a family affair, with Sue and Jonathan Vaines heading up the leaderboard with Tanya and Stephen not far behind.

Prints - Set

Neil's still at the top of the leaderboard for the prints set round. Can no-one challenge his avian prowess? 

Happy New Year!

Firstly, happy new year to you all

This week's meeting will be a practical night. We're going to focus primarily on Food and Drink photography, so I'll be expecting lots of entries in the next competition on the 22nd Jan!

We will also have Daler Rowney mount board (pre cut) for sale at £1 each. The mount cutter should also be available for anyone wanting to get prints ready.

Please bring along any or all of the following

  • Interesting foods & drink (e.g. Popcorn, fruit, Cheese, Shellfish, eggs, left over foie gras)
  • Cameras (yes, people often forget!)
  • Lenses (including macros)
  • Lights (Fixed anglepoise lamps, speedlites, softboxes)
  • Tripods
  • Remote releases
  • Backgrounds
  • Props (e.g. knives, forks, napkins, bowls)
  • Yourselves!
  • Anything else you can think of

The great thing about this meeting is the second half can (if you like) be simply taken up with eating, drinking and catching up with your camera buddies! Yay!